Private Instruction


A new offering for the committed fitness enthusiast or athlete who seeks a combination of stretching and resistance work. Whether you are recovering from competition, or want to take your pilates or yoga practice to the next level, this private class is for you! Ava has modified the “mashing” technique that helped 41-year-old Dara Torres win gold in Beijing . After a few weeks of peak training, or before beginning a difficult regimen, loosen your muscles and release the kinks in your body, while Ava positions your body to take maximum effect from this workout. To be used at periodic intervals, in conjunction with other types of strengthening and conditioning exercise, as a way of coaxing your body back from soreness, overuse, or even neglect. A great gift, or a treat for yourself!

For the serious yoga addict who wants to create a more consistent yoga practice.

An orientation for the first-time student to get comfortable with yoga in a private space.

Intermediate practice including pranayama, asana, introduction to inversions and more challenging backbends and arm balance.

A Vigorous practice geared for more experienced students.

Basic back care, yoga for seniors, diseased, or healing from injury or illness.

Yoga that complements a specific sport such as golf, tennis, skiing, swimming or running by concentrating on flexibility.

For the mother to be, concentrating on keeping the muscles flexible with breath awareness

Private instruction to corporate groups, athletic teams, households, and individuals designed to meet a group goal.

Class Descriptions

Hot Yoga

Vinyasa practiced in a moderately heated room (85-90 degrees) to promote a cleansing of toxins in the muscles and inviting an opportunity for healing and release. Bring a towel and water to class. All levels welcome.

Strength and Serenity

Through intelligent practice of yoga we will strengthen the back and abdomen while building flexibility. Classes will focus on controlling the breath in order to promote a better relationship between the mind and the body in order to avoid injury and create more freedom in the body. Bring a yoga mat. All levels welcome.

Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga focuses on the development of strength, conditioning, coordination, flexibility, and breath awareness in a relaxed environment. Focus is on postures, breath awareness and meditation. All levels welcome.

Iyengar Inspired

An energetic class with integrity based on a sequential flow of postures linked through mindful breathing and alignment. This class includes forward folds, standing postures, balancing postures, abdominal work, twists, stretches, backbends, and inversions. All levels welcome.


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